HP Entrepreneur Gets Nod From OC School

Bishop Dunne Catholic School held its big fundraiser, the Dunne 100 Dinner, on Tuesday, so — after having a glass of wine with some very sweet nuns at last year’s event and sort of marveling at the whole experience — I showed up with plans to write something for our Oak Cliff paper.

Turns out I’d have fodder tied to this side of the Trinity, too, because Highland Park resident Richard Collins won the school’s annual Voyager Award for his work and philanthropy on behalf of disadvantaged children. One of several speakers at the party described the Today Foundation and Children’s Education Fund chairman as someone who’s had every opportunity in the world, and spends “90 percent of his time” making those same opportunities available to people who haven’t.

In any case, he’s made a difference, and here’s his website, with details about Collins’ many causes and organizations (also, bonus, a cowboy-hat photo on the homepage that makes me think of Dallas in TV form, or Texas as perceived in Japan, or something like that. Not a bad thing).

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