Neighborhood Association Says “Keep Your Dog On Their Leash!”

My dog is pretty adorable (click the jump to see a picture of him) but if a cat comes around, he turns into a monster. Which is why I keep him on a tight leash anytime I walk him.

This morning, however, the Northaven Park Neighborhood Association sent out an email which said two dogs that were off their leash attacked and killed someone’s pet cat and a wild raccoon.

The cat’s owners tried unsuccessfully for an hour to chase the dogs away, yelling, clapping, and screaming, but they wouldn’t stop. The dog’s owners were apparently nowhere to be found, but the email says the dogs are most likely not stray animals, since they have been seen around the neighborhood numerous times.

Keep your eyes out for the dogs. They’re both medium size, one a pit bull the other a lab.

Moral of the story: keep your dogs on a leash. Pet cats and their owners will thank you.

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