Dallas Urges Voters to “Vote Yes” For Bond, Reminds Them That Their Cars Might Disappear

If you hate floods, vote yes! Source: Facebook

I was at a non-governmental meeting the other morning that was full of government employees. Let’s call it a “group of concerned citizens.” The conversation turned to the Dallas bond package, that $642 million chunk of cash that voters may or may not approve in November.

The trouble, some of these concerned citizens said, was that this year’s bond package isn’t sexy. There’s no schools. There’s no convention centers. There are flood and erosion measures, and miles and miles of asphalt.

So the city’s trying to get the word out, and showing pictures of people on cell phones while their Buicks sink into muck seems to be their first tactic. So there’s VoteYesDallas.com, Vote Yes Dallas’ Facebook page, and Vote Yes Dallas’ Twitter account.

But maybe they should push it a bit more. As of 10:15 a.m., the Facebook page had 15 “likes” and the Twitter account had 16 followers, including one City Councilman (Sheffie Kadane), one City Plan Commissioner (Robert Abtahi) and Jay Pritchard, from The Richards Group.

One thought on “Dallas Urges Voters to “Vote Yes” For Bond, Reminds Them That Their Cars Might Disappear

  • September 20, 2012 at 6:38 am

    What City of D needs is fewer employees, more use of technology, and a goal to eliminate useless bureaucrats (like Vernon @ the building permits office). The amount of BS a businessowner has to go through to operate in this city should infuriate enough people to start a riot.


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