Bluffview Curve Routinely Claims Vehicles

The damaged stone wall of a flower bed remains after a previous accident near the intersection of Blue Bonnet Drive and Bluffview Boulevard in Dallas. Photo Credit: Andrew Buckley

When you pick up a copy of this week’s Park Cities People, you’ll find a story about a neighborhood road — complete with speeding traffic and tight spaces — notorious for causing wrecks on the median and in resident’s front yards.

Each neighbor has an anecdote about the damage they’ve seen over the years. Cars continuously ending up on the curb, or in gardens, or on the sidewalk, or in a pool — basically everywhere in what would otherwise be a quiet neighborhood.

One resident said they’ve had enough parts leftover from a crash that they could sell them on ebay.

The small stretch of road embodies three different names — Midway Road, Blue Bonnet Road, and Bluffview Boulevard — within a half mile. The speed limit is supposed to be 25 mph in the curve, but my guess, after a couple hours walking the road, is that many are well over it.

Resident Scott Barber said a police officer that came out one day clocked the average driver doing 40 mph in the curve.

Also, don’t try to use the sidewalk on this road. I felt like I was on the side of a highway.

The city has plans to paint the curbs and put a solid stripe down the lanes in the southbound direction of the road to slow down drivers and keep them on the road. But even the district engineer for the project said “people go the way they feel comfortable.”

Check out the print edition for more information.

One thought on “Bluffview Curve Routinely Claims Vehicles

  • September 14, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    I live a couple of blocks from this curve. It is a very tight turn, almost a right hand turn when traveling southbound. Would you ask that officer for clarification of the speed on that stretch of road (not just on the turn itself). Southbound on Bluffview looks like the street is 30mph from NW Hwy to Lemmon. Heading northbound in the same stretch, it seems to be 35mph.


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