Lost Boy Needs Your Help

Every once in a while, we mention Friends of the Lost Boys here. They’re a group that’s helped Sudanese refugees in the Dallas area, finding them homes and work, and pitching in with their bills when the can.

Here’s an email I just got. Do what you can:

Many of you know our courteous grocery bagger, Bol Deng Malual, is a former Lost Boy from Sudan. He has lived in Dallas for over a decade and many of you have helped him return home for the first time a couple years ago. When he returned, he was impacted by the realization of how poor the water condition was there. Last Easter, through a church Lent project, he raised enough funds to build 2 wells in his home village of Ayiet (near Darfur). He is VERY excited about his trip and knows it represents a tremendous “breakthrough” for his people.

While in Sudan (10/5-1/5), Bol will contract to build two wells each costing $8,000. Snider Plaza’s Tom Thumb has graciously offered to keep a lockbox in their safe so Bol may raise funds to purchase school supplies in Juba on his journey. However, I personally know Bol will need to pay rent while he is away ($300/month) and this will be a real hardship when he returns making minimum wage. If any of you are friendly with Bol and would like to help him with either the school supply drive or offseting his rent, you may leave checks at the service counter in his name, Bol Deng Malual (Bol is unaware I am soliciting help for rent but I know he would be extremely touched by our kindness) Just please indicate how you would like funds spent in the memo section if you care to make a donation.

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