SMU Named a Top 20 Southern Tailgater

Southern Living named Boulevarding in the top 20 tailgating experience of the South. Photo Credit: SMU

Southern Living magazine named SMU one the top 20 tailgating schools of the South.

Let’s see if you can guess which category they fell into with options like:

The Powerhouses, The Most Spirited, The Traditionalists, and Style Setter.

Make the jump to see if you truly know what Boulevarding means.

Yep, they made Style Setter.

Southern Living chooses to describe SMU not as the “fan” that becomes the “fanatic” like they do for LSU in The Most Spirited. Nor, “renowned for game-day ritutals” like Texas A&M in The Traditionalists. They take a more dainty approach for our category.

“From sundresses to cake stands, these schools showcase true splendor in the grass.”
—  Style Setter description

This is my first year in Dallas. Meaning this is my first year I can witness Boulevarding at its finest. But are there really cake stands? I mean it sounds about right, but cake stands seem more up the alley of our category peer Hampden-Sydney than ours.

Either way, be sure to vote for the Mustangs for the best tailgating experience in the South. I think I’ll cast my vote based on what I’ve heard so far — it’s a part of my things I must do in Dallas.

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