Blondes vs. Brunettes Scored Big Time Saturday

2012 Blondes vs. Brunettes broke the $1-million mark

More than 2,000 fans filled the Cotton Bowl Saturday to watch the Fifth Annual Blondes vs. Brunettes powder-puff showdown. Initially BvB mother hen Erin Finegold and her teams hoped to raise $275,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association. Then they set their sights on $325,000. That number would make the Dallas program the nation’s first flag football fundraiser to raise $1M in five years to combat Alzheimer’s.

The final tally was $345,000 and celebrated by a hearty post-game party.

They’ve come a long way since their first effort in 2008, when they had an attendance of 450 and raised $65,000.

BTW, final game score: Blondes 39 and Brunettes 20.

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