Hockaday Remodel Launches Longer-Term Plans

So I’m learning more about Hockaday’s renovation of its Liza Lee Academic Research Center, and — to give a broader story, here — it’s really just one kickoff in the midst of a very longterm, campus-wide project that’s still in the early stages of its fundraising campaign.

The school has filed a recent zoning request, and while that doesn’t apply to the Liza Lee center (which will reopen late next month), it does make room for some eye-catchers, including a bell tower, a wind turbine, lighting for playing fields, and quite a bit more.

As Hockaday spokeswoman Andi Pickle tells me,”these are our hopes and dreams for the future.” And, you know, nothing has been set in stone.

But it’s worth a glance, no?

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