Hot Rods Will Always Get His Motor Running

Guy Weintraub tinkers with his '33 Ford V8, a car similar to the one gangster John Dillinger drove. Weintraub has been a hot rod enthusiast all his life, starting with model cars he built with his family. Photo: Chris McGathey

Photo Editor Chris McGathey was shooting in the Park Cities when he stumbled upon a man waxing a classic black 1940 Ford V8 in his driveway. That man was Guy Weintraub, a lifetime hot rod enthusiast who has driven everything from classic American muscle to a very short list of European luxury — throughout his entire life he’s shuffled through more than 30 classic cars.

After he talked to him about the ’40, Weintraub took McGathey to his garage where his ’32 and ’33 Ford V8 sat — the whole time taking him on an unraveling tour of his hot rod collection and memorabilia.

I got to have a great conversation with Weintraub about DFW hot-rod history and how, when it came to cars, everything he experienced in life with his family and friends led to him being a hot rod guy.

Be sure to check out this week’s Park Cities People to find out more about this salt-of-the-Earth hobbyist  and his true love for classic hot rods.

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