HP Cheerleaders Win Camp Awards

Gabby Crank, Ashley Farley, Caitlyn Creekmore, Grayson Baird, Bailey Pogue, Samantha Hickey, and Courtney Horn. Emma Ruk, Allie Beth Cowan, Maggie Nolan, Peyton Ward, Nancy Neuhoff, Megan Nash, and Lauren LaDuke

Highland Park High School varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen cheerleaders recently participated in the National Cheerleaders Association Cheer Camp held June 4-7 at SMU. The JV squad (pictured above) took home the Champion Chant award.

Members across all three teams who received the prestigious NCA All-American Award were: Gabby Crank, Caitlyn Creekmore, Allison Reece, Ashley Farley, Nicole Gottlich, Allison Horn, Courtney Horn, Arielle Iola, Mary Michal McCartin, Camille McSherry, Cathy Mims, Nancy Neuhoff, Maggie Nolan, Bailey Pogue, Lindsay Rather, Quinn Rolfe, and Kayla Vrij.

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