Highland Park to Smoke Your Lines This June

The sewer lines are old in Highland Park. Like, older than most of its residents. Some date back to World War II.

And that’s a problem, because old pipes are cracked pipes and cracked pipes leak sewage into yards, streams, and other places you don’t want to see sewage.

In an effort to find those holes and cracks, the town will implement a “smoke testing” procedure, beginning June 18. A company will come to Highland Park, fill the lines with smoke, and see where the smoke leaks out. From the town:

The method consists of blowing large volumes of smoke and air through a section of sewer line. Access to these sewer lines are granted by way of opening and entering sanitary sewer manholes and clean outs in streets, alleys, and easements. The smoke follows the path of least resistance to escape the sewer line which may come from various locations both indoor and outdoor.

The smoke should not enter your home unless you have defective plumbing or dried up drain traps. If you have seldom-used drains, such as unused bathrooms, guest house plumbing, up stair laundry drains, please pour water in them to fill the trap, which should prevent smoke from entering. Since building’s sewer plumbing is connected to Town’s main, some smoke will come out of your house’s roof vents. It is non-toxic, creates no fire hazard, and leaves no visible residue.

At no point will the company’s technicians have to enter your home or business. For more info, check out the town’s website.

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One thought on “Highland Park to Smoke Your Lines This June

  • May 31, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    So, in some cases the city could end up blowing smoke up my, well, you know.


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