Pacesetters Are Very ‘Vanity Fair’

From left to right: Clay Stapp, Stacia Price, Forrest Gregg, Bob Edmonson, Laura Michelle, Tricia Weiner, Chris Hickman, April McGowan, Bonnie Bauer, Jill Long, Jarrad Barnes, Jeannie Nethery, Donald Wright, Dori Warner, Eloise Martin, Maribeth Peters

Some of the best real estate agents in Preston Hollow work together to make big sales. I’m talking, BIG sales. The group is called Pacesetters, and they are comprised of 30 agents from all different firms. A couple of weeks ago, they got together and did a pretty glamorous group shot for promotional purposes. What do you think? It’s definitely not your tacky 1990s glamor shot.

This week, I feature the unique networking group in Preston Hollow People. Be sure to check it out!

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