Should DPD Crackdown on Crosswalks in PH?

I recently moved from Austin, and there, people cross the street wherever they want, whenever they want. The weird thing is: cars don’t care, and WILL hit you.

I’ve personally never been a victim, but a few friends of mine have had close calls, and the Austin American-Statesman recently reported that pedestrian deaths are on the rise.

Last night the Statesman published an article about how Austin Police are cracking down on motorists who fly through pedestrian crosswalks. Motorcycle officers from APD will be dressed in civilian attire near major crosswalks waiting for motorists to break the law, and when a driver enters a crosswalk illegally, the undercover officer will issue a citation.

Now, I know the drivers of Preston Hollow are much more aware of their surrounding than those in Austin, but with all of the schools and churches in the neighborhood, do you think DPD should do the same thing? Let us know below.

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