What Do Bradfield Moms Have in Common With Justin Bieber?

Jazz Fest 2012 co-chairs Jackie Tilden, Tracy Wallingford, Blanca Applewhite, Amy Jent, and Randi Eiland were among the guests at the Feb. 22 underwriters’ party.

I’m looking for something less obvious than the fact that they are loved by Bradfield Elementary students.

That less-obvious thing in common is that they have — by now, presumably — driven a Fisker. Yesterday, the Biebs received a Fisker Karma as a birthday present while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On Feb. 22, Bradfield moms got to test drive a Fisker supplied by Sewell Automotive.

The test drives were part of a “thank you” party for the underwriters of the Bradfield Auction, a.k.a. Jazz Fest 2012, which is scheduled for March 31 at Dallas Country Club. Francis and Kimberly Lanio hosted the underwriters’ party, which featured donations from the Hallam family, the Nussbaum family, Central Market, Festive Kitchen, Pappadeaux, Rex’s Seafood Market, Southern Botanical, Society Bakery, and Villa-O Restaurant.

2 thoughts on “What Do Bradfield Moms Have in Common With Justin Bieber?

  • March 3, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Those volunteers are working hard. I am hearing a lot about all the run-up parties for the auction. The sponsor-businesses involved with Jazz Fest are getting a ton of exposure. I wonder what they have in store for the auction? It will be so cool at the new DCC. I hope they make a lot of money for Bradfield. Since the HPISD schools only keep less that 30% of the money earned from real estate taxes in HP and UP, the schools have to find other sources to keep up the good education here. To top it all off, the great public school system is what maintains the high property values…. All I know is that I like living here and I like the schools too.


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