Dallas Drivers, Second Most Dangerous in America

Look out St. Louis! In a recent Men’s Health charticle/list/traffic driver, Dallas was listed as the city with the second most dangerous drivers, behind St. Louis. The study took into account fatalities, seat-belt usage, cell phone laws, and probably whether or not the person who wrote the article has ever lived in Dallas because Damn! you people really are dangerous drivers. Also, I still don’t understand the need to drive a Ford F350 to your law firm, but whatever.

Oh, and kudos to New York for having the seventh-least dangerous drivers in America. See, we’re not all just a bunch of taxi-driving maniacs.

One thought on “Dallas Drivers, Second Most Dangerous in America

  • March 2, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    Stop text-phoning, and get the hell outta the way, sonny!


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