Like Calvin and Hobbes? Got $14,000?

Photo: Heritage Auctions

Every once in a while, I kick around on Dallas’ Heritage Auctions site, secretly pining from items that I have no use for/ my bank account can’t support. This is one of those items.

I spent my childhood like most boys born in the 80s: mimicking the every moves of Calvin Whateverhislastnameis. I bought every book, and literally almost cried when Bill Watterson hung up his pen.

But, if you’re like me, a $14,000 bid  for the original watercolor for the 1989-1990 Calvin and Hobbes calendar is not feasible. In fact, it would be so irresponsible that my soon-to-be wife would quickly become my never-to-be wife. That said, the People offices are at 750 N. St. Paul Street, Dallas, TX, 75201. We’re on the 21st floor, and we always accept gifts.

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