Heated Competition at Ursuline Academy

Seniors battle juniors for the title of most spirited class.

No one can truly comprehend the intensity the spirit of intramurals, one of Ursuline Academy’s biggest traditions, brings out in the students every Thanksgiving unless you have seen it for yourself. It is a three-day competition in which each class picks a theme and competes to win in each category (skit, volleyball, spirit, mural, hallway). Each student supports her class by wearing its colors (green for freshmen, yellow for sophomores, red for juniors, and blue for seniors) and tries to prove they have the most spirit.

Although there have been rivalries between classes before, the antagonism between the junior and senior class reached a new level this year. Both classes tried to outdo each other by winning in every category; the most important category being spirit.  Even though both classes were neck-and-neck in this category, the school decided that things were getting too heated and announced a tie for third place between both classes. The girls were angry to say the least about this unexpected turn of events, but the tension has diffused since we have returned from Thanksgiving break. I think I can speak for my whole senior class when saying that we enjoyed our last intramurals (sniff sniff)  more because of the rivalry. What is wrong with a little healthy competition?


  • Seniors: Ferris BLUEllers Day Off
  • Juniors: Ann13
  • Sophomores: Sophy Doo
  • Freshmen: The Green Lantern

Here are the final results:

  • Mural: Seniors
  • Skit: Sophomores
  • Volleyball: Juniors
  • Hallway: Tie between juniors and seniors
  • Spirit: Sophomores

Imani Chet Lytle

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