Car Towed in Highland Park? Prepare to Pay More.

The Highland Park Town Council approved a slew of fee increases Monday morning, though most won’t affect your daily life.

Folks looking for building permits will see a slight uptick, as will all you teardown-loving homeowners. The cost to get your impounded vehicle will also increase, though the town doesn’t receive any of that money, said DPS Chief Chris Vinson.

The fees are expected to bring in an additional $48,000 to the town. The prices were raised to meet industry and area standards.

Let’s jump for a full list of the increases:

Water tap fees (those installed by the town) saw the highest jump:

– 5/8 inch line: Increase from $150 to $750

– 1 inch line: from $250 to $850

– 1 1/2 inch line: from $350 to $1,400

– 2 inch line: from $550 to $1,800

Sewer tap fees climbed from $150 to $750.

Permitting fees increased, but only a bit:

– The minimum permit fee for building, gas, electrical, and plumbing permits is now $50, up from $30

– The fee to raze a building doubled, from $100 to $200

– The registration fee for electrical, irrigation, and mechanical contractors rose from $75 to $100

Car get towed? Be prepared to pay more to get it back:

Light duty: Increased from $100 to $115.50

Medium duty: From $135 to $183.70

Heavy duty: From $235 to $420

Oh, and since the town doesn’t have a tow lot, you’ll have to head to Garland to pick it up. Vinson estimates that between four and five cars get towed from the town every day.

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