We Owe Oncor an Apology

The top headline in this week’s Park Cities People says “Oncor Plan Upsets SMU’s Neighbors.” Oncor spokesman Chris Schein pointed out to me that the headline grossly overstates his company’s role in the story. He said SMU is exploring its options for the former site of the Mrs Baird’s plant, and Oncor simply provided data regarding one of those options. Sorry about that — my mistake. We’ll print a correction in next week’s edition.

One thought on “We Owe Oncor an Apology

  • September 19, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    What Mr. Schein doesn’t realize is that pretty much ANYTHING that SMU has a hand in is done with no concern to their neighbors whatsoever (at best–sometimes even designed with objective of hurting their neighbors), so we all know the proper parties to be upset at.


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