Meaders Lane Property to Expand

The Karols are getting a bigger backyard, according to this item on the agenda for next Wednesday’s City Council meeting:


Sustainable Development and Construction

50. An ordinance abandoning a portion of a garbage collection and utility easement to Thomas D. Karol and Jennifer Karol, the abutting owners, containing approximately 3,004 square feet of land located near the intersection of Meaders Lane and Gaywood Road and providing for the dedication of approximately 4,313 square feet of land needed for the expansion of a backyard area – Revenue: $5,400 plus the $20 ordinance publication fee

Also on the agenda, we find this:


Sustainable Development and Construction

76. A public hearing to receive comments regarding an application for and an ordinance granting a Specific Use Permit for a tower/antenna for cellular communication on property zoned a CR Community Retail District on the northwest corner of Northwest Highway and Midway Road

Recommendation of Staff and CPC: Approval for a ten-year period with eligibility for automatic renewals of additional ten-year periods, subject to a site plan and conditions Z078-218(OTH)

Note: This item was considered by the City Council at a public hearing on August 13, 2008, and was taken under advisement indefinitely, with the public hearing open.

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