Rise and Shine, Park Cities (7-28-11)

1. Feeling like an extra-lethargic coach potato? Yeah, me too. Plus I’m cheap. Dash Fitness is offering a month of “Get Fit for Fall”  boot camps in Goar Park at half price, though, if we sign up this week (the regular $120 fee gets cut to $60, with classes starting Monday). Visit the Dash website to reserve a spot, and be sure to include “Get Fit for Fall” as your promotion code.

2. SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts will host a performance today by Big Thought‘s Creative Solutions,  a teen enrichment program in concert with the Dallas County Juvenile Department.

The free play begins at 1 p.m. in the Margo Jones Theatre, “with superheroes that pop up and show the decisions maybe [youth] should be making versus the path that they’re on,” says Big Thought spokeswoman Amy Gerald. Among those superheroes, Gerald tells me, is Captain Saggy Pants — dropper of the knowledge that one’s pants shouldn’t be, you know, ground-scraping.
Written by the teenagers themselves, the show “is really pretty funny,” Gerald adds, “and all about things that are important to them and things they’re experiencing.”

3. Evidence the first day of school is looming: Highland Park Public Library’s summer reading program ends tomorrow with a 10:30 a.m. celebration in Prather Park. HPISD’s online registration begins Monday, by the way.

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