Rise and Shine, Park Cities (7-5-11)

….errrr, maybe this post should be entitled “If You Woke up Around 9 a.m., Rise and Shine, Park Cities.” This holiday screwed up my timing. Sorry folks.

1. I experienced my first Park Cities Fourth of July Parade yesterday. A few weeks ago, UP’s Steve Mace summed up the parade to me as “Rockwellian.” Yeah, that’ll do.

2. At yesterday’s festivities, State Rep. Dan Branch said something along the lines of “We brought more money back to HPISD,” [slight pause] “than we thought we would!” If he had stopped his sentence at first I would have to take him to task, but he’s right. Budget projections originally had HPISD losing over $10 million in state funding; the final amount was closer to $7 million.

I spoke with Superintendent Dawson Orr and outgoing HPISD finance guru Ben Coker about the cuts last week; check out Friday’s paper for the full rundown.

3. University Park’s Dive-In Movie Series kicks off at 9 p.m., Friday, at the Holmes Aquatic Center. The event is free, and this week’s film is Despicable Me. Temperatures are still expected to be near 100, so watching a movie in a pool may not just be for children.

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