The Sun Is Not Your Enemy

Most people think direct sunlight can basically ruin a good photo. Not only is looking into direct sunlight harmful, but when for the subjects you are taking photos of it could also mean unavoidable squinting. But I will say this, it really depends on what you are shooting. So I thought I would share these photos of a professional skateboarder here in Dallas on a bright, hot, sunny afternoon. These photos are all about timing. It can be a real trial and error process. So be patient and persistent. When looking through the viewfinder, in this instance, I tried to capture my subject at the peak of a huge ramp. I knew where the sun was located, I just had to wait for my subject to be in the right place at the right time. Camera (Nikon D300) settings were on Program Mode, ISO 400, Aperture around 5.6 or so.

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