Elvis^2 at Village Theatre

Many of us have beheld the Elvis-ish swagger of longtime Highland Park Village valet Dave Ward,  subject of a Park Cities People feature in 2009. So when I got a press release entitled “Elvis at the Village Theatre,” I actually assumed we were talking about Ward again.

Nope. It’s the King-king — and you can see him on the big screen tomorrow as you take in  Hawaiian fare from Marquee chef Tre Wilcox, themed cocktails, and trivia with (quote) “‘The King’ himself.”

Now whether that’s Ward or a different cat with similar moves, I’m not sure. But I’ll tell you when I find out.

[Or maybe not.] An update, per event organizer Katie McMurray:

I did have a King impersonator, but unfortunately he canceled at the last minute.  I am currently trying to get Dave the Valet to work the [valet] station.

… We do have Elvis Trivia and whomever wins that will get a night in one of our private screening rooms: The Living Room, available Monday — Thursday, which seats 12 people.

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