Merritt Opened My Eyes, And Others’

Amanda Tackett sent in these kind words about Merritt Patterson:

We haven’t had personal exposure in PCP, but for me, as a mom juggling work/home/kids, I like Merritt’s musings. My favorite is her take off on “volamoms.” It was so accurate, I was doubled over in pain. Kudos to Merritt for making me laugh. It was an “A-hah” moment in which I completely knew and understood her opinion and context. Simply hilarious and FABULOUS.

I also really, really liked her column on the “gay” family who are in the Park Cities. It was a departure from the “norm” and very thought provoking. For me, this crossed over some of the conventions of how I was raised (I have many gay friends, and I know what they experience. It’s hard enough to be a parent, but the added “stigma”? I can’t imagine.), but I know for some people … it really changed their mindset. I applaud PCP for having this kind of content. I realize it’s not “safe,” or even ad friendly.

And, granted, not everyone appreciates Merritt, but in my mind, she has a fresh perspective and way of re-tooling conventional thought. I also think it’s great that PCP will host content beyond the normal “community” paper. Thumbs up!

I moved away in late 2009. Seriously, and I do mean this, I really miss having a cup of coffee and reading PCP, and Merritt’s column. I will subscribe by mail. It was always such a treat for me. I think Merritt is just fabulous!