Rise and Shine, Park Cities (3-15-2011)

1. First off, beware the Ides of March. Stay inside, board up your doors, prepare. The Ides is here.

2. NCAA tournament starts Thursday. Who ya got?

My beloved Saint Joseph’s University Hawks were abysmal this year, but had the fifth-youngest team in Division 1. So — as is the standard message this time of the season— there’s always next year.

Here’s my prediction: I’ll get far enough in my bracket that I already start spending my winnings in my head, then my champion will bow out in the championship. I’m looking at you, 2005 Fighting Illini, and the $1,300 you owe me.

3. If you missed Monday’s four-hour mammoth Highland Park Town Council work session, here’s a brief synopsis.

Nothing happened.

Alright that’s a bit reactionary, but there were no votes taken, though the Council did address both the Town Hall renovation and updated zoning ordinances. In this week’s paper I break down the proposals for the renovation.

4. Tonight’s the big SMU parking district vote at University Park City Hall. It’s expected to pass, but who knows. Getcha popcorn ready.

One thought on “Rise and Shine, Park Cities (3-15-2011)

  • March 15, 2011 at 11:30 am

    NCAA Tournament actually starts tonight with two play-in games – 1)NC-Asheville v. Arkansas-Little Rock and 2) Clemson v. UAB.

    Both games are on truTV.


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