In This Moment

Capturing special moments is what special photos are all about, but it is also a challenge. Moments like the ones in the photos above come and go in flash. Before you blink or snap a button on a camera they are gone like a thief in the night. Like a hawk or eagle, observation is part of my job. Sometimes not saying a word or pretending to be a fly on the wall is the best strategy at an assignment. I like to think (this does not always happen) but that I came away from an assignment with a publishable photo that none else captured. Sports are a little different especially at big games when there is something on the line, like a district or state title. If you have played any sports you can generally get a pretty good idea when special moments occur. The end of a very close, heated playoff game, after a goal, or basket is made with few seconds left on the clock is not a time to be putting the camera down or not looking through the view finder, it’s a chance to fire away and see what happens. As far as the amputee goes, she was part of an event I was covering. Basically she is a cyclist who just happened to be riding across the country with other amputees. Although the image does not convey the cycling aspect, it was really just a nice moment captured. I am fortunate that the editor at the time felt the same way and ran it dominant on the main page. A soldier’s funeral is a very tough assignment. It’s assignments like these that are really tough to put into words. While yes I was technically working on an assignment, it does not mean I am not human and did not see the anguish or pain. While I may not have been possibly able to relate to huge loss that the family was feeling, I was just fortunate to be there, as quiet as possible like a fly on a wall, observant and patient, patiently waiting to capture a special moment.

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