Rise and Shine, Park Cities (2-16-11)

Have you roused yourself from your Valentine’s Day sugar coma? Me neither. Onward to the news:

1. Tonight’s the night if you want to hear Brad McCoy, father of two UT quarterbacks, dish about parenting. As Dan mentioned Monday, this is a historic event for the preschool associations. Be nice, ladies. (And if you’re not nice, well, photos or it didn’t happen.)

2. Today is also the first grade Panther Party at University Park Elementary. We always get cute photos from events like this, but if we missed something that happend, e-mail [email protected] to get your child’s sweet face in our paper.

3. Speaking of your face in our newspaper, we want to hear from you about the first time you opened up Park Cities People only to see your very own (or your kid’s) mug staring right back at you. So scoot on over to our 30th anniversary page and let the nostalgia flow.

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