Rise and Shine, Park Cities (1-26-11)

Today is Australia Day, which could also be called “The Day Britain Decided One Huge Island Should Be a Prison.” Also, as of today I am 28 and 1 month. Now that you have your daily dose of history, we can move on to what’s shaking today:

1. Kids love their video games, especially a cadre of HPHS students that were champing at the bit to enroll in next fall’s video game design course. Lucky for these teens, SMU’s Dedman School of Law is hosting the Game::Business::Law summit today and tomorrow. The event will feature speakers from firms such as Capcom, Electronic Arts, GameStop, and the Academy for Interactive Arts and Sciences, all discussing different aspects of the interactive gaming business.

Pique your interest? Find out more on their website. Want to find out more about the video game course at HPHS? Read Bradford Pearson’s story in the Jan. 21 issue of Park Cities People.

2. Alan November, who is known in teaching circles as the utmost guru on “instructional design,” arrives in our fair burg today. During his three-day visit, November will be offering talks and workshops to parents, teachers, and students. Find out more about the author of Empowering Students With Technology here.

3. Yesterday our readers took us to task for not mentioning where the Packers will be practicing before their Super Bowl XLV appearance. According to this AP News brief, if there’s rain or other inclement weather, Green Bay’s home team will run plays at none other than Highland Park High School’s newly minted indoor practice facility. Otherwise, they’re due to work out at SMU. Are you doing your rain dance?

4. Baylor has expanded its grip on Dallas with a new 63,000-square-foot surgical hospital at Lemmon Avenue and Central Expressway. What does this mean for Park Cities residents? You won’t have to make the trek all the way downtown for all of your outpatient surgery needs. Here’s what I want to know: Are you thrilled/incensed about this? Why?

5. Word was, Jay Jerrier’s Neapolitan-style pies were going to be available at Brackets, the new uber-sports bar inside the Palomar. Apparently, the partnership didn’t last very long. “I love Jay’s pizzas, I really do. Our clientele just wasn’t familiar with it. They are indicating that they want  a different style pizza, so we are making a change to do that,” said University Park resident and Brackets president and CEO Brinda Holt Curley.

The good news: if you’re still hankering for an Il Cane Rosso pizza, you will soon be able to get one at Jerrier’s permanent location in Deep Ellum on Commerce Street.

2 thoughts on “Rise and Shine, Park Cities (1-26-11)

  • January 27, 2011 at 9:09 am

    Hmmm…I guess Need to try that pizza.

  • January 27, 2011 at 9:37 am

    re: #4. Baylors new digs at Lemmon & Central isn’t exactly a new medical facility. It’s a complete revamp of the old – really old – Mary Sheils Hospital. I was sent there by a doc maybe 6 or 7 years ago for a scan. YUK, what a nasty, run down old medical facility. I then had a quite serious outpatient operation 2 years ago at another Baylor outpatient facility right off the main Baylor campus in East Dallas. Again – YUK – it was a nasty little place and I received really awful, substandard care. How bad? I almost freaking died two days later from a lack of post surgical instructions and shoddy care that lead to a raging infection. Immediately decamped to UT Southwestern – best decision of my life, I truly believe it saved my life.
    My family has gone to Baylor for most things for over 35 years, my husbands family for over 75, for everything from birthing babies to organ transplants. I still think it’s a good place to give or get a new organ. But beyond that? Nope, wouldn’t go there on a bet. A friend said it best, when urging me to go UT Southwestern, “it’s like over at Baylor the doctors are trying to make their Maserati payments, at UT they’re trying to CURE CANCER.” The difference in care was so striking, the way they do the business of medicine so unbelievably superior in every way, I told my husband after a few visits there I felt like we were being punked over at Baylor, and they forgot to tell us. I had an outpatient surgery at Zale Lipshy after transferring. It’s shocking how nice this place is, how outstanding the service is, it is The Ritz of hospitals. The Baylor outpatient facilities were the Motel 6.

    Thrilled or incensed? Indifferent, I have no desire to darken the door of the place since it has “Baylor” on the sign out front. Too bad, it is a good location. But UT is 10 minutes from most of the Park Cities so not much difference in convenience for the residents there.


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