New Burgers, Bagels, Coming to Town

There are no shortage of places to grab a bite in PH, but the latest additions to the restaurant landscape do bring something new to the table.

The arrival of Elevation Burger at Hillcrest Crossing has been highly anticipated. Mostly because people hoped it was going to be an In-N-Out Burger. Nonetheless, patties of the Elevation variety are 100 percent USDA-certified organic beef from grass-fed, free range cows. Even the olive oil used on the french fries is heart healthy. According to Leigh Richter of Bradford Commerical Real Estate Services, you can sink your teeth into one of these fine burgers  starting December 10.

In other news, Einstein Bros. Bagels is planning on a Dec. 7 opening at Preston Royal Village. The bagel market has been an elusive one to capture, the most recent example being Zinsky’s closure just a few yards away. Will the power of the chain be enough to keep this bagel in business?

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