The University Park Planning and Zoning Commission approved changes for three properties Tuesday evening, including projects at University Park Elementary School and Highland Park IDS headquarters.

First up was the proposed outdoor learning plaza at UP Elementary. The project features a flagstone learning space situated in front of the school, between the building and Lovers Lane.

Time of presentation/debate: 3 minutes
Vote: unanimous

(You’ll notice a trend quickly developing. Stay tuned.)

Next up was a request from HPISD to add a 6,700 square-foot administrative office building adjacent to its existing maintenance building on Westchester Drive. The building wouldn’t need any additional parking, since it won’t accommodate a larger staff, said HPISD assistant superintendent Ben Coker.

Time of presentation/debate: 5 minutes
Vote: unanimous

(At this point in the agenda, the commission was supposed to take up Highland Park Presbyterian Church’s proposed parking lot, but the church withdrew the application. More on that in the coming weeks. Duh duh duh!)

Last but not least was a proposal from Caruth/Preston Road Associates to amend the zoning code to allow for a screening wall —not to exceed 20 feet— to screen elevator equipment and cooling towers on the tops of buildings in UP. This could be applied to the proposed five-story mixed-use complex that could house UP’s library, according to UP spokesman Steve Mace.

Time of presentation/debate: 7 minutes
Vote: unanimous

In review:

Total time of meeting: 15 minutes
Total number of dissenting votes: zero

I’m beginning to like Texas’s form of streamlined government.

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