Career Criminals Nabbed by Highland Park DPS, Ctd.

Got word from HP Crime Watch about a little mistake in Wednesday’s post. Not only that, but we get the play-by-play of how the bust that recovered more than 50 pieces of stolen property went down:

This is a follow-up to the arrests made by HPDPS on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 at 8:04AM o the 5100 block of Byron.

Before continuing, a clarification needs to be made regarding the previous announcement of this incredible arrest.

Previously written was “Residents need to be thoughtful when they leave possessions in plain view and remember that their neighbors are looking to steal, other folks less fortunate are out ‘shopping.'” What was meant to be conveyed was “their neighbors are NOT looking to steal, but other folks who are less fortunate are out “shopping” our streets.” This was an error on my part and I apologize.

Now, on to the traffic stop made by Officer Shearer with Officer Avalos serving as back-up on the white 2000 Chevrolet Malibu.

As Officer Shearer (Badge #624) and Officer Avalos (Badge #441) approached the vehicle, they both noticed that the interior was in “disarray.” The back seat seemed to have items that appeared to be just tossed in randomly. Officer Avalos saw several pairs of sunglasses, eyeglasses, electronic cords and devices. In plain view to both of them was a Tom-Tom navigation. Not a normal spot for a navigation system, for sure.

As they approached both men, Officer Shearer to the driver and Officer Avalos to the passenger, they both noticed that the men had fresh, flesh wounds on their hands and up their arms. They were minor cuts consistent with being around broken glass. Yes, they actually injured themselves after they broke the glass in an attempt to grab property on the inside of the vehicle.

When asked by Officer Shearer how the wounds were sustained, the driver said it was caused from changing a tire.

Both men were asked for identification. Neither one had anything, so Officers had to rely on their word. The driver identified himself as Larry Darnell Oretga and the passenger identified himself as Jeremy Thomas Vance.

HP Dispatch checked TCIC/NCIC for criminal records. Both subjects were reported to have an extensive history for theft, burglary, evading police and possession of controlled substances.

Arriving on scene to assist was Sgt. Byrd who was serving as the street supervisor for this segment of “B” Shift.

At this point, they were both asked to step out of the Chevy and were individually handcuffed by Officer Shearer and Officer Avalos and asked to sit on the side of the roadway.

A formal search of the vehicle began. Officer Avalos discovered a small glass pipe in the front side panel of the passenger side where Vance had been sitting. It was a glass pipe used to smoke “methamphetamine” or “crack cocaine.”

It was later discovered by HP CID (Criminal Investigation Department), that Vance is a meth addict and was stealing to support his habit. Ortega is not a drug addict, but a long-time friend who also found it acceptable to steal for money.

While Officers Avalos and Shearer were searching the Chevy, two calls from HP residents were received at HP Dispatch for BMV’s (Break in of a Motor Vehicle).

One call came from the 4700 block of Abbott. The female resident went to her SUV early Sunday morning to look for her friends Cole Haan wallet in the backseat when she discovered that the window had been broken and the wallet was gone.

The second call came from the 3500 block of Lindenwood. The male resident reported stolen a buck hunting knife, Samsung cell phone charger and coin container.

Officers Avalos and Shearer found over 50 pieces of property; three purses/wallets from Chanel, sunglasses/eyeglasses from Orvis, Tory Burch, Roberto Cavalli, Anne Klein, iPod/iPad chargers, iPod Nano, T-Mobile, Motorola, Samsung phone chargers, four credit/debit cards and hand tools consistent with BMV activity.

Officer Koschmann (Badge #647) was dispatched to speak with the female resident at Abbott.

Officer Carter (Badge #623) was dispatched to speak with the male resident at Lindenwood.

Simultaneously, HPDPS was one supervisor and four officers working on the 2 BMV’s with the 2 suspects in handcuffs on Byron between Beverly and Cornell.

No sooner was Officer Carter finished taking information regarding the BMV on Lindenwood when Dispatch received a third call from a resident at the 3700 block of Alice Circle. Missing from his car was an iPad charger and iPod Nano and charger.

Fortunately, one of the Chanel purses had SMU student ID and Officer Avalos asked Dispatch to notify SMU Police and asked for them to attempt contacting the female student. SMU Police had the female victim on their phone line with Officer Avalos asking the victim to describe its contents, which she was able to do.

Ortega and Vance were soon read their Miranda rights and transported separately by Officers Shearer and Avalos to Highland Park jail.

Their charges are:

Larry D. Ortega
Burglary of a Motor Vehicle (3 counts)
DSO (Dallas Sheriff’s Office) – “Theft” – NO BOND

Joshua Albert Vance
Burglary of a Motor Vehicle (3 counts)
Failure to Identify, Fugitive, Giving False Name
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – $264 -HP Court Date 10/14/2010-1330hrs
DSO Warrant “Probation Violation (Felony)” – NO BOND
DSO Warrant “Burglary of Habitation” – $45,000 Bond

As previously noted, Vance had verbally identified himself as Jeremy Thomas Vance (DOB 06-23-1982), but once Vance was booked and fingerprinted, Officer Carter who was now available to assist in the process, overheard Vance calling “Jeremy” the name Joshua. Officer Carter relayed the information to Sgt. Byrd and HP CID who were processing all the stolen goods at the scene.

A birth certificate for Joshua Albert Vance was found and when told that he failed to properly identify himself, he responded that his brother had a “worser” record, but, not a probation violation.

The female resident on Lindenwood had her friend describe his stolen Cole Haan wallet and officers found that it had been recorded as Ortega’s personal property since it was on him at the time. Empty as it was at this point, but it will be reunited with the proper owner.

Officer Avalos pressed the “home” button of the Tom-Tom navigation and the address at the 4000 block of Holland was displayed. After booking Vance in HP jail, Officer Avalos drove to that residence to speak with that victim who said that indeed it was stolen from his vehicle.
Sgt. Byrd later found out the vehicle the suspects were driving was reported stolen.

Agencies throughout Dallas County have been attempting to capture these two people, one being a fugitive.

HPDPS was successful in doing just that.

Their skills may not be “tested” by residents, but their necessary training, years of experience are what keeps Highland Park a special and safe community.
These types of arrests are not always known, but through the HP Crime Watch website, we will be able to share information more often and applaud our men and women who everyday work to keep us living in one of the most secure, non-gated communities in America.

5 thoughts on “Career Criminals Nabbed by Highland Park DPS, Ctd.

  • October 1, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Nice job. In my old house in Dallas, we had a break-in and the cops took 4+ hours to show up and had no interest in catching the thieves (who were breaking into homes all over the neighborhood at the time). That’s a big difference here in HP…one of the reasons we moved here.

  • October 1, 2010 at 11:14 am

    Simple solution: don’t leave your Tom-Toms, Cole Haan wallets, Chanel purses (WITH ID!), iPods in your cars. Ever.

    Of course, this doesn’t help with the rash of truck tailgate thefts…

  • October 4, 2010 at 9:59 am

    My elderly friends live in the neighborhood, so I am happy that the 2 man crime wave got stopped.
    Bravo to the police and isn’t it good that people have paid their taxes, so HP has such a good police force.


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