Code Sweeps to Start Sept. 13

Courtesy Photo: Steve Mace

Dilapidated fences like the one pictured will be targeted in upcoming code sweeps.

Just checked in with University Park Community Development Director Robbie Corder regarding the code sweeps planned for this fall. Corder said the fall sweep is planned to start on Sept. 13.

“We’re going to put up signs at major intersections,” Corder said, which could start in about a week.

Steve Mace said the city will keep residents apprised with an article regarding the sweeps in the September issue of the city’s newsletter, The Arbor.

“We’re going to look for more frequent violations,” during the sweeps Mace said, which include issues like high weeds, debris, watering ban violations, inadequate posting of house numbers, and dilapidated fences and structures.

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