Sorry, I Can’t Look At You. There’s Too Much Gold In My Eyes

Now, I’m no metallurgist, and my personal experience with the precious metal is unfortunately limited, so I could be wrong, but gold has always struck me as pretty…how should I put this… opaque. Like one of the things you would avoid if you were making something  you wanted to see through. Silly me. The clever folks at Mykita (which apparently made the shades worn by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City 2) have proven me wrong. Available at Insight Eye Care are limited edition aviators with lenses coated in 24-carat gold (press release below). I’m assuming these shades are transparent, but, then again, actually looking at things is so plebeian. Much better to stare at a wall of gold a half-inch from your eye. You see less ugly stuff that way.

Dallas, Texas – One would think Mykita has won the world over with legendary placement of its sunglasses on the bridge of Carrie Bradshaw’s nose in the blockbuster Sex and the City 2.  However, the optical design company has now topped that by offering a very limited edition of aviator sunglasses with flash mirrored golden sun lenses coated in 24-karat gold.  Insight Complete Eye Care, a high-end optometry practice and designer frame and sunglass boutique, is the Texas exclusive for these collectors’ items.

The “golden” child behind the aviator-style design, named “Franz 24K” after 1976 Austrian downhill skiing Winter Olympics winner Franz Klammer, is acclaimed designer Bernhard Willhelm.  The metal frames, available in either black or gold, feature flash mirrored golden sun lenses coated in 24-karat gold.  Only 300 sunglasses in each color are available worldwide, and Insight Complete Eye Care has one of each.  Glasses include a specially designed, hand-numbered case and certificate of authenticity.  Glasses retail for $899.

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