Lego Dallas is Coming to NorthPark

What with being grown and all [snore], I no longer own my medieval-castle-themed Lego set —  or the giant tub of basic Legos that my dad once loved as much as I did. But I want to find some plastic blocks again after hearing about Dallas Cityscape, an exhibit opening Friday at NorthPark Center that captures some much-loved landmarks in Lego form.

Recognize the one above? Of course you do.

Passersby will get a chance to craft their own buildings, too, said NorthPark spokeswoman Kristen Gibbins, so prepare for some hands-on fun at the Kids Construction Zone (whether or not you’re the tallest person there).

Non-Park Cities-related tangent, but a side note for inspiration: If you like Lego art, check out this guy, too. I’ve read elsewhere that he quit being an attorney so he could become a full-time Lego artiste. And he rocks the dang house, if you ask me.

One thought on “Lego Dallas is Coming to NorthPark

  • July 2, 2010 at 9:22 am

    I think this is going to be an awesome event for the kiddies!!


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