HPISD’s Ben Coker to Stick Around (Presumably, so Will Donuts)

I reported to Highland Park Middle School at 7:30 yesterday morning. The last time I was at a middle school that early, I was a middle school student.

The ample spread of coffee, donuts, and sausage rolls at the HPISD Finance Committee meeting certainly helped me wake up. But what really opened my eyes was the agenda item that said Dr. Ben Coker, the assistant superintendent of business services, would be retiring effective June 30.

Huh? As I read that item, Coker was telling the Finance Committee that he’d have a 2010-11 budget for them to adopt at their August meeting. How could that be if he’s retiring at month’s end?

Once the meeting was over, I asked Superintendent Dawson Orr for an explanation. He told me not to worry; Coker is simply moving to a half-time schedule, i.e. he’s not going anywhere.

Whew. That’s a relief. Not only does Coker do an admirable job finding ways to deal with Robin Hood, sources tell me he’s the one responsible for all the sweets at those early-morning meetings.

2 thoughts on “HPISD’s Ben Coker to Stick Around (Presumably, so Will Donuts)

  • June 19, 2010 at 10:59 am

    Dr. Coker is a wonderful man to work with and has been instrumental in helping make accessibility into the front doors of UP Elementary and Hyer Elementary a reality with ramps that were not originally being considered in the “brick and mortar” upgrades with the recent bond election. Additionally, Dr. Coker along with Jon Polando at HPISD are working to address the narrow wheel chair section at Highlander Stadium so that persons with disabilities can enter and exit the row without having to ask everyone else to do the same. Here’s to Dr. Coker and his heart for making a more accessible and accepting community!

  • June 26, 2010 at 12:47 am

    He is a good guy. I believe he could actually retire and make more than continuing to work. Getting the portables to a needy school district was genius.


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