Update: Burrito Store Does Not, In Fact, Own This PH Home

5806 Watson, you will forever be the Freebirds House in my heart.

In what I think is, by all accounts, a disappointing turn of events, it turns out the Tavistock Group that owns the property at 5806 Watson Ave, is not the same Tavistock Group that owns Freebirds and invests in a grab bag of projects and properties. Michael Ruff, the Preston Hollow resident listed as the contact person on the replatting application for the Watson Ave. house, just gave me a call to clear matters up.

Ruff says his Tavistock is connected in no way to the eponymous global investment firm. Chose the name completely at random. Didn’t know another Tavistock even existed. “It literally meant nothing to me until I read your article,” Ruff says. The house is an investment property being fixed up to be sold down the line. Just don’t expect to get any burritos if you stop by. A shame.

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