Can You Hear Me Now? Yet Another Tenant Moving to Preston Forest

There has been a steady stream of news from the Preston Forest intersection of late, but here’s one more. Verizon is opening a store on the northeast corner, taking the place of the I Sold it On EBay! store that went out of business a while back.

Quick story. Back a year or so ago when I had Verizon, my Razor mysteriously ended up in the laundry. It wasn’t a big fan of the rinse cycle. (Note: I am very bad with cell phones. One ended up at the bottom of the Mississippi River. Don’t ask.) For a variety of complicated reasons, I didn’t want to sign a new contract which would have scored me a brand new phone. I didn’t have a spare $500 to buy one retail. And I didn’t have the time to buy one cheap on eBay.  So, what to do? “Well,” the sales associate told me, “I can hook you up. I’ve got used phones. Fifty bucks.” Which sounded great. Only he didn’t have the phones on him. They were in the trunk of his other car, or something equally sketchy. I ended up buying one off his associate. Also sketchy. But it worked, and it was identical to my laundered Razor, only filled with hundreds of text messages to some teen girl. Moral of the story: If you ever need a used Verizon phone, the guys working there can probably hook you up.

Anyway, when I droveI should’ve posted this earlier… I discovered it when I saw a building permit hanging in the window early Friday morning. I pulled into the parking lot, jumped out to write down the name on the building permit, then realized I had left my keys in my still-running car. The guy working in the empty Verizon store and the guy sweeping the porch at Jimmy John’s stood on the sidewalk and whispered to each other, watching me as I paced back and forth along Preston, yelling the occassional expletive. The wife rescued me 20 minutes later with a spare key and a bemused eye roll.

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