Neighbors Get Louder as HPPC Readies to Rezone

I got a call today from Karen Vandermeer with Neighbors For the Preservation of the Neighborhood, in University Park. At issue, if you’ll recall, is a proposed new parking lot for Highland Park Presbyterian Church — one that could involve demolition of some church-owned houses, and which has surrounding residents fired up about aesthetics, potential harm to property values, and HPPC’s relationship with the community in general.

I’ve yet to confirm anything on the church’s end, but Vandermeer tells me HPPC’s governing body voted 23-14 last night to move forward with rezoning for parts of University and McFarlin, and that plans could be in the works within about a week. Meanwhile, she said, more than 80 yards in the nine-block area surrounding HPPC now sport the sign you see above.

Click here to see the neighborhood committee’s blog.

UPDATE: Rezoning progress confirmed. To see design plans and renderings of the proposed changes, drop by HPPC’s welcome center.

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