HP Teens’ Dress Drive Ends Friday

I got this yesterday from Helen Williams, HPISD communications director. Sweet story (pasted verbatim):

Kelly Bunten and Hayley Albrecht know how much fun it is to get dressed up for a formal. So when they heard about students in neighboring Grand Prairie who needed prom dresses, they knew what they had to do. Get to work — fast.

A few weeks, countless e-mails and more than 75 gowns later, they are ready to deliver the satin, lace and beaded outfits that they hope will make prom night a treasured memory for girls who want to go to the dance but can’t afford the pricey attire.

“We made fliers and gave them to all of our friends,” Kelly said. “Our moms e-mailed their friends, and lots of them had formals and bridesmaids’ dresses they wanted to donate.”

Soon, a stream of dresses started appearing at the Buntens’ doorstep — some of them simply dropped off without a note.

“Word has definitely gotten out — we just had a few dresses to start with, and now we have all these,” Hayley said, pointing to a closet stuffed with gowns of all colors.

Kelly and Hayley, both juniors at Highland Park High School, are planning to deliver the dresses to Grand Prairie High School after school on Friday. If the dresses keep coming in at the current rate, they may have more than 100 dresses to donate. The Grand Prairie Counseling Department is planning to discreetly loan the dresses to students, who will return them after prom so that they may be cleaned and used year after year.

Grand Prairie High School Counselor Sharon Davis said she had already gathered a number of dresses to loan out, but she is delighted with this new donation which will greatly increase the supply.

“It’s just amazing that these two girls helped organize this. It’s a very positive message that they are so willing to help others,” Davis said.

If you have a formal, shoes, or accessories you’d like to donate, please drop them off at 3613 Wentwood by 2 p.m. Friday. For more information, email [email protected]

One thought on “HP Teens’ Dress Drive Ends Friday

  • April 19, 2010 at 11:22 am

    Absolutely wonderful! There are so many teenagers with such positive attitudes and a willingness and ability to make things happen – I love seeing two of them spotlighted! Thanks!


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