Preston Hollow Elba Garcia Signs, Explained

I drive down Preston Road several times a week and, at some point, I’m not quite sure when, I noticed a row of “Elba Garcia for County Commissioner” signs had sprung up in front of one of the houses between Walnut Hill Lane and Meadow Road.

Now, there’s nothing terribly unusual about political signs in front yards, but this one struck me as odd. Elba Garcia is a former City Councilwoman from Oak Cliff who still lives on the other side of the Trinity. Her name is very closely linked to that neighborhood. Odder still, Garcia is running for District 4 Commissioner, which includes south and west Dallas and suburbs, and not for Maurine Dickey’s District 1 seat, which includes Preston Hollow.

The explanation, it turns out, is simple. I e-mailed Les Weisbrod, the trial lawyer who owns the home, why he was showing such ardent support for Garcia.

“Elba is one of my wife’s best friends and my wife thought it would be fun to put the signs in our yard as her way of supporting her friend,” Weisbrod wrote in an e-mail.

Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best.

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