Dinner And a Movie at Village Theatre?

Highland Park Town Council will consider an ordinance at tonight’s meeting that will amend the site plan and the transportation/parking plan of Highland Park Village to allow the owners of the Village Theatre to add a restaurant. 

If you recall, last November the town council approved an ordinance that also amended the site/transportation/parking plan for folks at Highland Park Village. It allowed them to extend the marquee over the sidewalk to incorporate 25 outdoor seats. It also provided for the office space within the theater to be converted to lounge space and new restrooms.

Because new space would be created to house more people, the parking plan had to be amended. At that time, the theater had 37 surplus parking spaces. It requested the apportionment of 13 to the theater remodel. 

Adding a restaurant may bring an additional parking burden to the theater. By my count, they only have 24 spaces left before they must acquire more parking to accommodate patrons.

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