Private Schools Fight FroYo Shops For PH Ubiquity

Preston Hollow is awash, moreso than most neighborhoods, with a couple of things: private schools and frozen yogurt shops.

Team froyo recently added another to its ranks, and it’s looking to be tit-for-tat. Just yesterday I noticed a red-and-white sign in front of Hillcrest Church on Hillcrest just north of Forest announcing an application that the site be zoned for a private school. The full application can be found here. Not surprisingly, it’s going to be a Christian school, pre-K through 12 with a max of 250 students in 17 classrooms which already exist (e.g. there will be no new construction).

No date for the City Plan Commission has been set. I called the church for details on when the school might open, how many students they’re expecting the first year, etc. More details as they come.

Update: Per Mark Brand,  senior pastor at Hillcrest Church, there will be no new school. Rather, Coram Deo Academy, now housed at Trinity Hillcrest Church, will possibly, could, maybe, perhaps move there in two years or so once the Trinity Hillcrest lease expires and if the city okays the zoning change, says Coram Deo business manager Mark North. For the record: Trinity Hillcrest Church and Hillcrest Church are totally unrelated. They are about 400 yards apart on Hillcrest (North said they confirmed this via GoogleMaps, so I trust him).

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