Capital Improvements Discussed at HP Town Council Meeting

The big schpiel at last night’s HP Town Council Meeting was the allocation of Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) funds. Council members had weighty binders and sheets with weighted averages (Note to students: Pay attention in statistics class!) so they could get a real first look at how the multimillion-dollar CIP budget could play out. 

Bill Pollock, director of human and fiscal resources, said that the list is dynamic, and council members will be culling projects from the list in the next several months to a group that can be completed within five to seven years. The projects will not be financed, which Pollock said in the agenda item, “will enable the final Capital Improvement Plan to be fiscally balanced within available revenue.”

For the layman, that’s like pay-as-you-go budgeting.

It’s not to late to bend the council’s ear about CIP projects. Below are the biggest potential expenditures on the council’s current list:

DPS/DPS Communications/Town Hall Upgrades

Flood Proofing DPS Basement

Beverly Drive Culvert Modifications

Beverly Drive Rehabilitation

Hackberry Creek Restoration

Connor Park Shoreline Stabilization

Miramar Culvert Modifications

Traffic Signal Upgrade — Bishop/Airline

Preston Road Rehabilitation

Retaining Wall @ Town Hall

Bridge Inspection & Repairs

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