Oak Hill Academy

Oak Hill - 3ed'

The mission of Oak Hill Academy is to provide specialized education for students, pre-k through 12th grade, who exhibit or are at-risk for learning differences and/or social challenges.

Serving the needs of students with diagnosed learning differences and developmental delays for 26 years, Oak Hill Academy is dedicated to students who struggle in mainstream classrooms.  Our educational model includes small student groups, individualized accommodations and a multisensory approach within a structured, nurturing environment.

A unique dual-track approach allows faculty to work with a broad spectrum of learning differences such dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, ADD/ADHD, sensory integration disorder and high-functioning autism.

The GATE program prepares capable, college-bound learning different students for success. Emphasis is placed on strengthening reading, writing, spelling and math skills, while empowering students through the development of self-awareness, self-monitoring and self-advocacy. The student/teacher ratio of the GATE program is 12:1.

The PRISM program addresses the needs of students with more complex learning differences, helping them master critical life management skills to become successful, employable adults. The student/teacher ratio of the PRISM program is 5:1.

In both tracks, emphasis is placed on speech and language development, phonemic awareness, expressive writing, sensory integration tactics, organizational/study skills and social communication strategies.

The Assessment Center and Speech-Language Clinic provides analysis and treatment for children at Oak Hill Academy and other schools. Speech and occupational therapy is available onsite for additional 1:1 treatment.

Oak Hill Academy’s holistic approach combines strong academic programs with attention to the developmental, social and emotional needs of each student.

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