20 Under 40 2020

I like to say being a journalist is about as close to being a professional student as you get in the real world because I learn something from everyone I interview.

That being the case, there are few better ‘teachers’ in fields ranging from law, technology, education, and business than you find in the Park Cities and Preston Hollow communities and, more specifically, among the 20 young professionals our newspapers’ panel selected to include in our 20 Under 40 special section this year.

Some themes that have emerged for me since I began covering the Park Cities and Preston Hollow communities last year are the drive the residents have to achieve their goals and their willingness to help their neighbors. I got to witness the generosity in our communities firsthand shortly after I joined the staff in October in helping to cover how groups like the Park Cities Dads Club fundraised for Dallas ISD students impacted by the tornado.

In short, I’ve been very impressed by the community and the young professionals our panel selected, and we’re proud to share them with our readers.

Speaking of drive…one of our selections this year was a race car driver before he started his own real estate development company at 28. He’s kept his metaphorical pedal to the metal to grow his company since then.

Other standouts among our picks this year are entrepreneurs changing the game in the technology space with mobile apps.

In addition to the 20 young professionals highlighted, we also feature two Trinity Christian Academy students heading full steam ahead toward careers in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) fields as Youth on the Rise.

-Rachel Snyder, Deputy Editor